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The digital world is our world

WhiteWeb brings a fresh approach to digital marketing. Our talented professionals were shaping the online world even before Google. Since then, the dynamics of the Internet have shifted beyond recognition. At every stage, we eagerly embrace change and harness it to deliver outstanding services and winning campaigns for our clients.

Established to offer online web development and digital marketing services, WhiteWeb Ltd. easily reaches thousands of global visitors across the web for you. And the story does not stop there. Once you hand over your online marketing campaign to us, we ensure that each of those visits is converted into customers to your brand. Blessed with one hundred percent success rate, we have left our peers behind in developing new strategies and adding to the richness of marketing science.

From annual projects worth a million dollars to monthly projects worth a fraction of the million, we have seen it all. We have also opened up to small budget projects recently in order to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our solutions are always tailor-made to meet their demands. And this is why they come back to us for more, every single time.

The Whiteweb team is a family of dedicated free thinkers, who know how to manage traditional marketing and creative advertising to get you just what you want. At the heart of our work is the belief that fusing creativity and scientific analysis is the key to online marketing success. We are innovators. We like nothing more than thinking outside the box. At the same time, we act as a laboratory to understand and utilize empirical digital data. The result is positive business success for a diverse group of clients, reaching and impacting targeted global audiences.

With more Google updates and changing marketing trends, WhiteWeb realizes how important it is to adapt to the challenges of the online marketing industry. With our flexibility and proven track record, your website is in safe hands, to say the least.

The team behind WhiteWeb

Zvika Alon

Chief Executive Officer


Prior to founding Whiteweb, Zvika accumulated a wealth of top-level experience during 15 years working in internet marketing, product management and web related technologies. He honed his leadership skills serving in several senior roles at 888 Holdings, including Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product Development.

Zvika holds a BA in computer science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv. He has developed particular expertise in SEO, online advertising and marketing, online tracking systems and technologies, online product management and usability. Zvika is 37-years-old.


Asaf Zmirly

Chief Technology Officer


Asaf founded Whiteweb with an impressive background in senior management and technology positions.  He was both CTO of 888 Holdings and head of the internal search engine optimization (SEO) department. Prior to that, he served as head of R&D for a US- based company specializing in the development of banking applications.

Asaf has amassed over 20 years of experience in a range of IT, security and software related areas both as a developer and manager. Parallel to this, he has also worked for 15 years in online marketing and SEO. He has developed specific expertise in SEO, search marketing technologies and information systems security. Asaf is 47-years-old.


Michael (Miki) Palmon

Chief Marketing Officer

Miki - 1

Miki served as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at 888 ever since the company’s inception until 2007. In this role Miki was responsible for all marketing and advertising activities both online and offline as well as business development, marketing and business research and all distribution channels.

Miki founded 888’s marketing arm and established the company’s online and offline marketing strategies as well as the 888.com brand proposition. Prior to joining 888, Miki was a TV producer and director at the Israeli National Television Channel and at foreign TV channels operating in Israel.  Miki has completed studies in film and television at Tel-Aviv University. He has particular expertise in online and offline marketing, advertising and branding. Miki is 49-years-old.


Ben Oren

Director of Web Marketing


Thanks to almost a decade of experience managing SEO projects for various global and large-scale clients, Ben has gained insightful knowledge of the multi-faceted and constantly evolving world of online marketing.

Before joining Whiteweb, Ben held several senior positions at Upsite Group and at the US-based firm Dynamic Search, managing digital marketing for over 40 medium and large clients in diverse fields including tourism, forex, e-commerce and gaming. Ben’s varied work has enabled him to gain a broad view of American and European markets and a comprehensive understanding of consumers. He has developed expertise in online marketing, SEO, analytics, conversion optimization and usability.

Ben holds a BA in business management and marketing. He is also a regular contributor to leading marketing website searchenginejournal.com. Ben is 34-years-old.

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